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Welcome Back Drew !

It was a great day for Gonzaga, when Drew Timme decided to come back to the Zags. He is a great player. He was our team MVP, in the last NCAA Tournament. He will be unstoppable next year.

I met Drew in Spokane and found him to be a very nice young man. We talked basketball, and he even signed my book.

It instantly became one of my most favorite autograph experiences ever. That is why I enjoy getting autographs so much, it is the personal interaction I relish.


We are so lucky to have such a powerhouse basketball team in Spokane, for our very own. Gonzaga has surpassed perennial powerhouses such as Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina. From the beginning they have shown to be influencers in basketball. From their March Madness inception they have been on fire.

What makes it even better is the quality of the young men. The club both attracts the talented but also looks for excellent character and builds on those two qualities. The players are instilled with excellent comradery with their fans. They always sign autographs with pleasure and enthusiasm.


The players that are recruited speak highly of the staff and coaches at Gonzaga, it is obvious the coaches are exceptional at choosing the right player as well as mentoring and teaching them the proper skills that go beyond just playing the game.

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