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Wayne Gretzky Signed My Book And- My Signed Book...

...ended up in his hands.

There is always that moment when the surreal begins to take over. Who knew two years ago, I would be passing out my autograph among the very famous sports kings and queens like a boss. It sounds like I have a swelled head over it all but in fact it is downright humbling to sign a book for a famous person and to get them to sign my book as well.

It is more about the joy of the whole experience than it is about the fame, but it has taught me their viewpoint of being asked for an autograph. It truly is an honor to be asked so sign something that I have worked hard to produce. It did give me the understanding that many of these famous people are successful just because they love what they do. I love to collect autographs, I will do so until I die, then I'll get God's autograph. Hehe. I hope.

In the meantime I will enjoy signing a book for you, I appreciate the love of the effort I have made.

But Wayne Gretzky!!!!! Oh my gosh, wow. This is not something I ever expected to get to have in my lifetime, his signature, in a book I wrote.

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